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Robbi's two compositions:
Ma'ariv Aravim &
Love Adonai

have both been named finalists in the Shalshelet Foundation 
for New Liturgical Music Competition!  
I loved being a part of this phenomenal historical concert in December:


"Birchot Shalom" 
from Sababa's Pray for the Peace 
has been selected by the URJ for their "Ruach 5769" compilation,

Brodsky/Leader/Sherwin are
working on a new release: working title:

"It's All Good " 

check out:

"Pray for the Peace"

check out the upgraded CD and our new website:

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  It's here! The exciting first release by Jewish music's "Powerhouse Trio" is now available!  Check us out at:, and and at all the major distributors near you!


Rocky Mountain Chai - Camp Shwayder, Idaho Spgs, CO
July 2008


Steve and 
Sababa! drummer, Sam Jordan 
Shoot the Deuce -
Lakewood, Colorado
August 2008


with G-d in
the Rockies

Yom Kippur, 5769

             HARMONY HAPPENIN'!

You can find Robbi singing on the following releases:

Abby Gostein's first release "All Blessings!"  Produced by Scott Leader, this will take you by surprise!  produced by Southwest Studios,  Phoeniz, AZ Look for it in June, 2009!

Remembering Robin (z'l) Tribute to Robin Taback - song: Sim Shalom w/Abby Gostein, Scott Leader & Steve Brodsky ( produced by Southwest Studios,  Phoeniz, AZ

Ellen Wilson: Songs of Ascent
produced by Scott Leader, Southwest Studio & Soundworks, 
Phoenix, AZ

Eric Komar: ""Justice, Justice from  Two Life, also selected for Transcontinental Music's Ruach 5769 CD!

Scott Leader: Gates:
produced by Scott Leader, Phoenix, AZ

Rabbi Larry Karol: A New Beginning,,  
produced by Scott Leader, Phoenix, AZ   
Rabbi Neal Katz:,
produced by Josh Nelson, Readville, MA                            
Eric Komar:
produced by Josh Nelson, Readville, MA                                                         

Steve Brodsky:  On This Night,   
produced by Steve Brodsky and Jeff Greenstein, Denver, CO


Recording Watch!

Robbi’s music has been recorded by OTHER ARTISTS (yahoooo!) on these fine CDs:

** Modeh Ani (co-written with Scott Leader) on Cantor Martin Levson’s Kolot D’mamah, Songs of the URJ Meditation Kallah:

** Love, Adonai, on Sababa! EP:

** Love, Adonai (again!) on Scott Leader’s new CD: Gates:

** One Little, Two Little (co-written with daughter, Katy Jordan) on “On This Night” Steve Brodsky and Friends:

**Ma’ariv Aravim (co-written with Katy Jordan) on URJ Camp Eisner’s CD:  

**Love Adonai (yet again!) on the Shashelet 3rd International competition CD:

** Ma'ariv Aravim (again!) on the Shashelet 3rd International competition CD:  

** Modah Ani (co-written with Scott Leader) on Ellen Wilson's gorgeous new-age Jewish CD: Songs of Ascent:

** Ma'ariv Aravim (again!) on Andy Sussman's new CD. Har Maggido


  And watch for Robbi’s music on these compilations:

                                   The A.R.E. Music Sampler Vol. 1
Taking Jewish Music to New Heights

                                                          Sampler_cover.jpg (21705 bytes)

Wow!  I'm honored to have been chosen for the 19-song compilation from A.R.E. Publishing, Inc., - now distributed by Behrman House, Inc., one of the finest publishers of educational Jewish materials in the world. This compilation includes the top names in Jewish music, including Debbie Friedman, Mah Tovu, Sam Glaser, Yom Hadash, Craig Taubman, Doug Cotler and fabulous newcomer Eric Komar and our own Scott Leader!  19 amazing tracks! (including Ki L'Olam Chasdo from my Todah LaChem CD!)  What a fabulous present!

For more information, click here:


Keeping the Faith CD Cover

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Voices for Israel, Volume II
36 deeply spiritual songs compiled by producers 
Sam Glaser (LA) and Jordan Gorfinkel (NY)
representing women's voices as we support charities in Israel.

"Hu Ya'aseh"  from Aish HaKodesh has been selected, featuring vocals by 
Robbi Sherwin, Julie Silver and Marcia Baron

Transcontinental Music's Ruach 5769