Todah LaChem 
(Thanks, y'all!)
Who's Who on the CD? 

Guest List


Scott Leader - 29 years old, Scott is already becoming known for his amazing musical abilities in the Jewish contemporary scene. He excels in guitar, bass, piano & flute. Neither of my albums would not have been possible without his energy, input and talents. His first CD "Lift My Eyes" is making a huge splash! We can all look forward to watching Scott blow away the Jewish music world.

Amy Adler O'Desky - A mere 28 years old, Amy has the voice of an angel. Trained in Conservative Jewish liturgy, she's a CPA for the Whole Foods Corporation.  Amy plans to work and save money and enter the Reform Cantorate.  She is married to Matt  O'Desky and they have a daughter, Melanie, born Feb. 26, 2005. 

Herb Belofsky - Herb has been a professional drummer for over 20 years, and has toured with too many people to mention. He is the founder of the Rainravens, a four-piece folk/country/rock band that just finished  it's fourth album and he is currently on tour with the VERY BUSY Dale Watson:  You'll need to check the website to see what Herb is at any given time. His ear and instinct for music production has set him apart in the national music scene, where he is a very successful producer and engineer. He is also an incredible mensch.

Steve Brodsky - Steve is a founding member of the Jewish pop band, MahTovu. A former Reform movement camp director, he is a well-known songwriter and his music is sung all over the world.  Steve owns A.R.E. Publishing (, specializing in Jewish classroom and internet teaching materials.  He lives in Colorado and his 3 year old son, Benjamin, is the cutest redhead on earth!

Sam Glaser - Sam was recently named "One of the top 10 Jewish performers in the world" by Moment Magazine. He's a brilliant composer with a gorgeous voice. With far too many music and production credits to mention, Sam combines incredible LA funk melodies with Jewish themes.  Robbi attributes her start in the Jewish contemporary music world to a chance meeting with Sam in a parking lot at Trinity University in San Antonio. Ask her about it sometime!

Rich Glauber - Rich is the soul man of Jewish music and brings Caribbean rhythms, spirit and movement to all music. You can't help dancing when Rich is around. He contributed bass guitar and "squeezebox" to Elijahu, which he also co-wrote. He's living the good life in Eugene, Oregon.

Mark Hallman - Mark is the owner of Congress House Studio and is an award-winning producer and engineer and has recorded such greats as Carole King, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Tish Hinojosa & Sara Hickman. He is also playing bass, Hammond B-3 organ and lead acoustic guitar on Todah La'Chem. 

Sara Hickman - Sara is an award-winning songstress with 5 albums to her credit. Her amazing ability to sing the blues is what attracted us to her for this project. She also was the instigator of amazing girl group "The Domestic Science Club," which featured an original Dixie Chick, Robin Macy.

Cantor Martin Levson - "Cantor Eeevil" as he is known by his admirers, spent the last 9 years of his life at Temple Sinai in Tulsa, OK, before accepting a pulpit at Monroe Temple Beth-El for Progressive Judaism (whew!) in Monroe, NY.  Now in Hamden, Connecticut, Martin leaves great music and menschlikite wherever he goes.   An accomplished guitarist, Martin's mother said his high school graduation present would have been a lot cheaper if she had named him, "Yamaha."  Martin is Robbi's Cantor Mentor  - and another Greene Family Camp connection.  

Rhythm & Jews - under the direction of Amy Adler, Matt O'Desky and Duncan Gilman was an amazing 16-voice a capella choir sponsored by the University of Texas Hillel Foundation. They were in such demand, I can't believe we got them to appear on the album.

Michael Rubin - playing B-flat harmonica, we found Rubin at another gig in Austin. His dad was a professional JCC director, and Rubin has lived and played all over the U.S. 

Paul Skelton - considered one of the "Top 10 Guitarists in Texas" by Texas Monthly Magazine, Paul currently plays with the Cornell Hurd Band and is a luthier for the exclusive custom guitar company, Collings Guitars.  He is one of the reasons that Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World."

Julie Silver - Julie is absolutely one of the biggest stars in Jewish contemporary music today. Julie composes liturgical and modern Jewish music that is sung in camps and congregations all over the world. Her first four albums were a tremendous success and Julie tours year round, and is always a headliner wherever she goes.  Julie is a current resident of Santa Monica.

Peri Smilow - Peri is an amazing solo artist out of Boston. Her first to album of Jewish music, included the hit "Ashrey." Peri is a frequent presenter and performer at the CAJE conference and has created an ensemble of Jewish and Black American teen singers, transforming spiritual music with the Jewish Music Project. She's the brand new mom of Aly and  lives in New York.

Chelsea Spuck - a former law student at the University of Texas, Chelsea's professionally trained voice is evident in the work she brings to the album. She is an entertainment law attorney and  is currently living in L.A.

Billy Tiep - Hailing from Las Vegas, Billy is currently a cantorial student at Hebrew Union College School of Sacred Music.  Billy has songled for the NFTY movement for 10 years. He and Scott Leader have been singing as a team for 6 years and he is featured both on Todah LaChem and on Scott's CD, "Lift My Eyes."

Yom Hadash - the "New Day" in Jewish music, Yom Hadash's roots go very deeply, as they were all in Hebrew school together as kids. Their sound is heavily influenced by The Beatles and other rock groups of the 60's. These 20-something Gen-X rockers are absolutely the rising stars of Jewish contemporary music and tour constantly.  YK is Jon & Josh Nelson. Check them out at