Scott Leader

Why is this amazing man all over Robbi's CDs???The Man! Scott Leader!

By now, we're sure you have noticed the name Scott Leader, and had a chance to check out this cool guy and his amazing abilities. Scott is originally from Monmouth County New Jersey, and has been a NFTY songleader since he was a young teen (Look below for childhood photos!).  Scott graduated with degrees in Geology and Judaic Studies at the University of Arizona - Tucson, and took his considerable talents with music with kids to the elementary school classroom, teaching science and music at the Austin Jewish Community Day School. Later, he became the Director of Camp Isaiah, in Los Angeles, California. Cantorial  Soloist at Temple Sinai, Denver, and he just got his Masters in Education from
at Arizona State University, where he is producing & recording in his own studio LeaderMusic!   Whew!  This Dude gets around! 

Scott & Robbi met at the UAHC (now URJ)  Greene Family Camp for Living Judaism in bodaciously beautiful Bruceville, Texas in 1997 when he and Kutz Camp music partner, Billy Tiep were hired along with Robbi (who was twice Billy's age at the time) to songlead for the summer. Loui Dobin, an incredible musician and GFC's Director, had an inkling that this trio would work well as a team, which is now an understatement. Scott & Billy let Robbi into their world and a great partnership was born, culminating in a 6-song demo release of S & B's secular music, "Scribble."

 He also accompanied Robbi her at their amazing congregation, Kol Halev, (Voice of the Heart) with some of the best Shabbat music Austin, TX. Even though they live separate cities, (Phoenix & Austin) they manage to see each and perform and record frequently. .                                                                                                                                                           

So, what makes this dude so special? Take a closer listen to Todah Lachem & Aish HaKodesh and you'll hear for yourself.  Scott's amazing guitar abilities are only eclipsed by his magic fingers on the piano. (Check out "Hinini," "Shema," "Precious Possession" among others!) Self-taught and with perfect pitch (Robbi is very jealous!) Scott has talent way beyond his 29 years, and it shines all over the album.  Robbi is extremely grateful to have Scott around and you can hear why!  Check out Scott's first solo release: "Lift My Eyes."  He's amazing - really!

Scott Recording at Sour Cream Studios, Denver

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OK, so like, here we are in ENGLAND!  Land of plenty of rain, fog.....
beheaded royalty....great people a wonderful Jewish community, 
clotted cream  and great scones!  
We're trying to be very "proper" and not so very "naughty....."

Scott would like to thank all his friends who have helped him through the last few years...He would also like to dedicate his work on Robbi's album to the memory of his father, Michael Leader.

To write Scott Leader:

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Scott Leader?




  "Lift My Eyes" a soulful and beautiful CD by our own 
Scotty "Twinkle Fingers" Leader !!!
This amazing CD, recorded in Denver & LA 
(with Sam Glaser!)
features great Jewish music by Scott 
with a bit of help from 
Robbi and Billy Tiep.

Follow this link to learn more: