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(The Holy Fire!)  

Featuring 13 original Jewish Contemporary tunes
in Robbi's inimitable rock, pop, folk, funk 
and "Jewgrass" stylings!  

And these special guests: Sam Glaser, Steve Brodsky (Mah Tovu), 
Scott Leader, 
Noah Budin, Eric Komar and more!....


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“It is a work of art, a masterpiece & so very uplifting. GREAT!!”
-         Cedar Park, Texas

“The first two times I heard it, I said "Wow!" when it ended. The third time, I thought to say "wow," but then realized I had already said it twice!!  It's dynamite, great pacing, great build up, excellent vocals.”
- Eugene, Oregon

“For an hour straight I listened to Hu Ya'aseh over and over. It is a GREAT song. I know that it will be NUMBER ONE! Thank you! The rest of the album is awesome I listened to it over and over.”
- West Orange, New Jersey

“I am IN LOVE with your newest CD, "Aish HaKodesh." I immediately played it and was so touched by what you had created. This is truly a soul CD, a gift from the heart. Yasher Koach (great strength to you) on using your amazing gifts and talents to produce such wonderful and meaningful songs and music.” 
- Bloomington, Indiana

“Your voice sounds AMAZING,  I'm so glad that you cut loose as much as you did..... Those "amens" in  Day of Wonder”  made me feel like I was in the room with you, really cool”
-  Toronto, Canada

“It is sumptuous!  You are brilliant!”
-  Houston, Texas

"I listened to it 3 times straight through today - it's so YOU, so spirited,
upbeat and full of fun! Your mellow songs are awesome too. Loved hearing a
few of my favorite people (besides you) featured on the CD...Eric Komar, Sam Glaser, Scott Leader, Steve Brodsky.....you ARE the Queen of Collaboration! My favorites - those that really got to me.... #5 -  "I Am Your Angel;" #9 - "Michamocha;" #11 - "Ma'ariv Aravim;" and #12 - "I Turn to You." You definitely write HEARTSONGS!"
    - San Mateo, California

“The package is great.  The arrangements and instrumentations are excellent and I enjoyed once again hearing all the collaborations.  Your voice really reminded me of Anne Murray this time around.  It was great to hear your Barchu and Ma’ariv Aravim finally recorded.” 
- Alexandria, Louisiana

"Robbi, this CD is a triumph!"  
– Los Angeles, California







New CD!!!: Aish HaKodesh (Holy Fire)  
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