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Ki L'Olam Chasdo
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin with Steve Brodsky - music
Psalm 136 - text
Steve Brodsky - acoustic guitar
Scott Leader - lead guitar
Herb Belofsky - drums & percussion
Mark Hallman - bass
Steve Brodsky - duet vocal

Finding the right balance of High Holy Day music is always a challenge. I wanted to write a folk version of Psalm 136 and did so two days before Yom Kippur 5759. A couple of months later, Steve Brodsky and I tweaked it in his living room in Denver. Steve's wife, Jill, was asleep on the couch and dog, Cody, was lying on my foot and guitar strap! A very homey scene.

Hodu L'Adonai ki tov, ki l'olam chasdo!
Hodu leylohey ha'Elohim, ki l'olam chasdo!
Hodu L'Adonai ki tov, (hodu l'Adonai ha'adonim)
Ki l'olam chasdo! (l'osey nifla-ot)
Hodu L'Adonai ki tov, (g'dolot l'vado)
Ki l'olam chasdo!

L'osey hashamayim bit'vuna,
L'roka' ha'aretz al hamayim
Hodu ladonai ki tov, ki l'olam chasdo!

Give thanks to G-d, who is good -
For the Eternal shows love to our people
Praise G-d above all others
By whose hand marvels are wrought
Who in wisdom created the heavens
Who stretched forth the earth and the waters

Modeh Ani
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin & Scott Leader - music
Morning Liturgy - text

Scott Leader - acoustic guitar
Danny Levin - cello
Amy Adler, Scott Leader, Chelsea Spuck, Billy Tiep - background vocals

Most of my favorite versions of Modeh Ani are very up and joyful:  Those by Mah Tovu, Yom Hadash, Sam Glaser & Kol B’Seder are great for waking up and getting  moving.  I am also very grateful that God has allowed me to wake up and returned my soul to me, but I am just not ready to tap dance, yet!

Modeh Ani lifanecha, Melech chai v'kayam
Shehechizarta bi, nishmati b'chemla rabbah emunatecha.

"I give thanks to you, Everlasting Sovereign for you have returned my soul
to me in mercy. Great is your faithfulness."

Yihiyu L'Ratzon
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Ian Silver and Julie Schorsch - music
Psalm 19:15 - text

Scott Leader - acoustic rhythm guitar
Mark Hallman - bass and uncle taylor's guitar
Herb Belofsky - drums, percussion
Scott Leader, Robbi Sherwin, Billy Tiep - background vocals

Scott & Billy introduced me to this song the summer of '97. It was the first of about 100 songs they taught me, and it really defines who we are as a trio. Thanks, dudes, for your talent, energy and enthusiasm and for keeping me young.

Yihiyu l'ratzon imrey fi, imrey fi
V'hegyon libi lifanecha
Adonai tzuri, Adonai
Tzuri, v'goali, v'goali

(May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable
to you, G-d, my rock and my redeemer.)

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Robbi Sherwin with Rich Glauber & Herb Belofsky - music
Havdalah and Haggadah - text

Herb Belofsky - drums
Robbi Sherwin - acoustic guitar
Rich Glauber - squeezebox & bass guitar
Paul Skelton - lead guitar
Sam Jordan and Steven Belans - percussion
Robbi Sherwin - clogs & background vocals

After a particularly amazing winter weekend at Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas, I was happily heading down the freeway to lead my kid’s choir in a Purim concert, when my tire literally exploded.  There was debris for a half a mile and black streaks of rubber across my white van.   Dressed nicely for a concert another hour away, I got out and changed that tire myself.  Completely ecstatic with my accomplishment and the world in general (“I am woman, hear me roar!”)  I headed home as this melody refused to leave my head.

Elijahu Hanavi, Elijahu HaTishbi, Elijahu HaGiladi, 
Elijahu Hanavi

Bim heyra v'ameynu, yavo aleinu
Im Moshiach ben David (2x)

Elijah is the Prophet, he is a Giladi
He'll bring the son of David, HaMoshiach ben David

Elijah the Prophet, the Tishabite, the Gileadite
Soon, in our days, Elijah will come with the Messiah, the son of David.

[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin - music
Liturgy - text
Scott Leader - piano
Julie Silver - background vocals

While looking for the right Shema to go with Julie Silver's beautiful V'ahavta, I discovered one did not exist. I decided to write my own as a thank-you present to Julie.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad
Baruch shem k'vod malchuto l'olam vaed

Listen, oh Israel: Adonai is our G-d, Adonai is One.
Blessed is G-d's glorious name forever!

[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin, based on High Holy Day Liturgy - music & lyrics
Scott Leader - piano

Hinini is the Cantor's prayer asking G-d to please help the cantor do a good job in bringing the prayers of the people up to G-d. I've found the cleansing time between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur to be a very creative time, as well. It's amazing what gets unclogged and cleaned out, leaving room for so much more in life

I have come here, poor in deeds, but rich in soul
To ask of You to hear Your people
In our task to make us whole
We profess our faith, quiet our tears
Let nothing distract us as we face our fears

Oh, G-d of our ancestors
Grant us mercy and grace
Show is awe and wonder in this holy place

We face ourselves and the deeds of our past
We recognize our human failings
And promise to forgive at last

If I have done wrong, as I know we all have
Be kind to Your people
In your compassionate love

We profess our faith, quiet our tears
Let nothing distract us as we face our fears

May I offer up our prayers without stumbling

Lecha Dodi
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Scott Leader & Billy Tiep - music
Shlomo Alkabetz Halevi, 16th C - text
  Yom Hadash & Josh Nelson - fender rhodes
Jon Nelson - acoustic & bass guitars
Adam Dehner - electric guitar
Dave Lefkowitz - drums & percussion
Peri Smilow and Robbi Sherwin - background vocals

Rock, on Sabbath Queen! Thank you Jon, Josh, Adam, Dave & Peri for making this song so incredible.

Lecha dodi, likrat kallah p'ney Shabbat n'ka'b'lah
Boi kallah, boi kallah

Shamor v'zachor b'dibur echad
Hishmianu el ham'yuchad
Adonai echad, ush'mo echad
L'shem ul'tiferet v'lithilah

Come, beloved, to greet the bride, the Sabbath presence, let us welcome.
"Keep" and "remember" - in a single utterance, the One and only G-d made us
hear. Adonai is One and Adonai's Name is One, for renown for splendor and
for praise

The Chosen
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin & Scott Leader with Sam Glaser - music & lyrics
Birkat Hashachar - Hebrew text
Scott Leader - acoustic guitar
Mat "the Gurminator" Gurman - electric guitars
Larry Steen - bass
Robert "Jake" Jacobs - drums & percussion
Sam Glaser - keyboards
Ramiro Fauve, Sam Glaser, Robbi Sherwin - background vocals

Composed in Austin,  Scott and I knew that Sam Glaser would add just the right touch to the intensity of the lyrics.  The Pico-Robertson neighborhood of LA welcomed us with open arms as we sat in awe watching Sam's amazing band bring this song to life.

Standing at the foot of Sinai
We all did see and hear
Amidst the smoke and rumbling
G-d's word it did appear

Take these laws and hold them
In your heart and in your soul
I give you now my Torah
Torah will make you whole

The chosen ones, chosen to ask
Who is G-d and what is our task?
Only the ages and sages could tell
Baruch ata, Adonai, she'asani Yisrael
(Blessed is G-d, who has made me a Jew)

Standing at the edge of the universe
All that we know now is gone
Auschwitz, Maidenek, Buchenwald
Smoke and rubble obscuring the dawn

Take these laws and hold them
In your heart and in your soul
I give you now my Torah
Torah will make you whole
The chosen ones, chosen to ask
Out of the ashes, what's now our task
We promise to remember all that we saw
Baruch ata Adonai, ozer Yisrael big'vura

(Blessed is G-d, who girds our people Israel with strength)

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheynu Melech ha'olam
Naan lasech minah
L'havchin bein yom u'vein leilah

Translation: italics:
(Blessed are you, G-d, Ruler of the Universe, who implants mind and
instinct within every living being

Standing on the edge of Samaria
As we survey the sand
Peace with all our neighbors
Amidst the smoke and the rubble again

Take these laws and hold them
In your heart and in your soul
I give you now my Torah
Torah will make you whole
The chosen ones, choosing to find
That compromise for peace of mind
Between the hard place and the rock
Baruch ata Adonai, laya'ayf koach

(Blessed is G-d, who gives strength to the weary)

Todah L'Chem
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

music & lyrics: Robbi Sherwin
Background vocals: Cantor Martin Levson, Rhythm & Jews

This is my anthem of thanks to the many musicians who brought me here.


Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim
Shalom, shalom
L'hit'ra'ot, L'hit'ra'ot
Shalom, Shalom

Goodbye, my friends
Go in Peace until we meet again


[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Scott Leader and Dave Hertzberg - music
Liturgy - text

Scott Leader -  "superfly" rhythm guitar
Herb Belofsky - drums, percussion
Mark Hallman - bass & hammond B-3
Michael Rubin - harmonica
Sara Hickman, Scott Leader, Chelsea Spuck, Billy Tiep - background vocals

Nicknamed "The Blues Aleinu," we had a ball with this one.

Let us adore, the ever-living G-d
And render praise unto G-d
Who spread out the heavens and established the earth.

G-d's glory is revealed in the heaven's above (2x)
And G-d's greatness is manifest throughout the world

Va'nachnoo korim u'mishtachavim u'modim (2x)
Lifnei melech, malchey ham'lachim

Ha kadosh Baruchu, the Holy One, praised be G-d (3x)

(We therefore bend our knees and bow in awe and thanksgiving before the One
who is Sovereign above all)


Al Tistakel
[Lyrics] [mp3] [RealAudio]

Robbi Sherwin - music
Pirkey Avot - text

Herb Belofsky, Sam Jordan, Stephen Belans - percussion, drums
Cantor Martin Levson, Matthew O'Desky & Robbi Sherwin - background vocals

Percussion perfection!  12 different instruments made up the heartbeat of this, as I watched my 11 year-old son, Sam, creating the amazing rhythm with his teacher, Stephen Belans and mentor, Herb Belofsky.

Al tistakel b'kankan elah bima shey'yesh bo

Do not look at the container, rather at what is inside



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