Fun at Woodshed Studio!



Herb Belofsky's Woodshed Studio is a wonderful place to be (basically, LIVE)  as you bare your heart, soul and pocketbook to create a project.  Using 2" tape, as opposed to digital recordings (no "synthetic" music here!) creates a warmer sound that more accurately reflects the artist's true self.  Heard on a recent studio visit  from Julie Silver:  "Wow!  Tubes!" More and more  serious and established artists are coming back to 2" tape - no hard drives to "crash." 

 Herb's place is wonderful: Roomy rehearsal space, warm, inviting couches and a great kitchen help, too! Herb can also accommodate overnight visitors very comfortably.

For more information: (512) 441-4639



Burnin' up the 2" analog tape as we create "Aish HaKodesh"

The Holy Fire

Eric Komar


Scott Leader

Cantor "Eevil" Martin Levson, Sam Glaser, posing in front of a serious rack......



New CD!!!: Aish HaKodesh (Holy Fire)  
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Aish HaKodesh...         

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