The Infamous 
"Phone Booth Sessions"


Rehearsing at CAJE 31 
Duke University

Photo by Jeff Klepper

Sam Glaser, Steve Brodsky, Robbi and Marcia Glaser



Always searching for the best deli ...
(if you can find the best Black & White cookie, please let me know!



Scott Leader, Sam & Marcia Glaser, Cantor Billy Tiep and me at the 
Pico Avenue Deli in L.A. July, 2005
Wow!  That pastrami was superb!


CAJE Craziness: Duke University, Raleigh-Durham, NC
Back row:  Peter & Ellen Allard, Robbi, Adrian Durlester, Sam Glaser, Scott Leader, Helene Kates, Marcia Glaser, David Kates, Steve Brodsky
Front row: Two awesome Israeli & South African fans, Judy Caplan-Ginsburgh, Fran Avni


Sherwin & Leader at YMCA of the Rockies - Estes Park, CO


The Sherwin/Jordan Family:
Mark (??) Sam (17) Katy (19)  Robbi (29) & Jessica (22)


That's my daughter, (co-songwriting collaborator) Katy Jordan- 
           we're at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado watching "ET" 


Daughter Jessica at the Salt Lick BBQ (OK, so it's my hat!)
  She's a grad student at the University of North Texas

Son Sam - playing djembe 
in concert with Sam Glaser

Robbi's CAJE 30 ALL-STAR BOY BAND:  Steve Brodsky, Larry Karol, Eric Komar and Roger Smith


Backstage at Adams Theater, New York with Julie Silver


With Noah Budin at Temple Sinai, Denver

My newest fave foto: Topeka, Kansas 
with (clockwise): Larry Karol (glasses), Moi, Scott Leader, 
Angela Gold, Adam Karol, Lisa Baydush
Photo: Angela Gold




Dedication of Congregation Beth Evergreen's GORGEOUS new shul at 8,000 feet!  
We believe it is the "highest" and the "chai-est" congregation 
in the world!Now, THAT'S a congregation with altitude!
Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Dave Froman and hermetically sealed 
Torah ready for transporting to the new shul 


One of my very favorites of Scott Leader and me 
by the wonderful Ginny Belofsky:


Robbi at The Flatirons - Boulder, Colorado
Photo: Susan Broockman


Robbi & Steve Brodsky in the FIRST EVER 
concert of Jewish music at the 
United States Air Force Academy, 
Colorado Springs, Colorado in the 
April, 2004

(Photo: Alan Rubin)

 (Conference for Alternatives in Jewish Education)
Columbus, Ohio - August, 2003, Hofstra University, 2004,Seattle, WA 2005

Some of my very favorite 
guys and gals.....

                         Jon Nelson of Yom Hadash........

Eric Komar, Steve Meltzer, SB ("The Wonder  Guitar") and Scott Leader

            Ellen and Peter Allard


           Sam "The Man" Glaser

Steve Dropkin

Hofstra University: CAJE!

Its our annual foursome photo! Sam Glaser, Steve Brodsky, Scott Leader & me after my show on Monday night in the Cultural Center Theatre



                    Danny and Terry Maseng



                       Buddies Sam Glaser and Scott Leader 
            after a long night of jammin'



Awesome musician, producer & mensch: Josh Nelson of 

Steve Brodsky (Mah Tovu & Sababa!)
mixing business and pleasure as he runs a 
business and signs a CD at the same time!

Another great Bob Gartner photo: 
Eric Komar, Robbi & Scott


Kerrville Folk Festival

18 days of outstanding music and musicians - this is Robbi's 10th year to lead a fabulous Shabbat morning service, featuring her original music.  Here's a picture of Robbi, singing with Peter Yarrow (playing SB, Robbi's guitar) Eric Schwartz, Chris Yarrow



                    Billy Jonas rocks out with Robbi on V'Shamru


Boulder Jewish Festival!
June 6, 2004


Robbi rocks out on "Hu Ya'aseh" with Joe Bozell (bass) Steve Brodsky and Scott Leader.  
There were 15,000 people in attendance at the 10th anniversary of 
this great festival at the foot of the Flatirons  in the Rocky Mountains.


New CD!!!: Aish HaKodesh (Holy Fire)  
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Aish HaKodesh...         

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