Robbi and "Sage" in Rocky Mountain National Park

Where did the year go?  Colorado 2002-2003:


(and we ain't talkin' tea!)

By some bizarre  twist of fate, Robbi and Scott have again ended up living in the same area of the country - Colorful Colorado!  Robbi was back in school at the University of Denver (Go Pioneers!! 2004 National Colleagiate Hockey Champs!!) studying for Cantorial Certification at the Hebrew Education Alliance with Cantor Marty Goldstein, and Regina Heit of Temple Emanuel.  In her "spare" time, she is serving as Cantor of Congregation Beth Evergreen (at 8,000 feet in the Rockies!)  and Temple Sinai in Denver. Her passion, though, is her work with the Jewish Cadets of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs.  In the meantime, Scott was also  serving Temple Sinai in Denver as their soloist. (OK, so  Robbi found him the gig.....)  Both brought their love of Jewish music and spiritual Jewish songcrafting to a grateful and fun Jewish population in Colorado.  Not to mention the beautiful views, crisp winter weather, snowboarding and amazing writing opportunities that opened up for them!  


UPDATE: September, 2003:

Robbi has returned to her family, congregation and community in Austin! It snowed about 2" in Austin this winter and Robbi was TOTALLY NOT impressed!  (She had 4.5 FEET of snow in her apt. in Green Mountain, Colorado in March of 2003.  Sigh......)

Link to Robbi's soon-to-be published journals 
from her year in Colorado: Rocky Mountain Chai

Update: Scott has moved on  Phoenix (and is in grad school at Arizona State University!)  and is makin' it as a musician! He has created some memorable music in Arizona, has a new CD and continues to sparkle where ever he goes.  He and Robbi have several dates together in 2004 and of course, Scotty has contributed significantly to Robbi's new CD, Aish HaKodesh




New CD!!!: Aish HaKodesh (Holy Fire)  
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